Kevin Lindquist


The Community Hypothesis

Why spend money to design and build a product that nobody is asking for yet? This is not a new question, but trends in how consumers and businesses expect to find and process information prior to a purchase are surfacing new answers.

My current projects are aimed at extending current lean startup methodology through targeted community building and collaboration. In other words, I think I can reduce the cost of experimentation for a new product, and subsequently the cost of product development and user acquisition, by investing in digital content that truly helps future customers think through the problem.


I can help you with your B2B digital marketing and sales efforts.

After taking on the full sales and marketing lifecycle at an early stage enterprise software company and personally closing over $25M worth of business I’m ready to help you think through what the modern B2B buyer needs from you as they evaluate your solution.

Future Projects

No Code Development

No Code Dev is a community focused on helping non-coders find and use tools that can help them develop and rapidly change software applications.

CRM Battles

CRM Battles is focused on providing 1 v 1 comparisons of CRM software that help businesses complete their evaluation and validate their purchase decisions.

Suicide Experts

Suicide Experts is a community of leading mental health and other professionals offering experience and solutions against the problem of suicide around the world.

Partner on a New Project

If you are interested in partnering on any of the projects you see here, or on a new project that you need help getting off the ground, drop me a line through, my sales and and marketing agency.

the community hypothesis

What if the best sales channel for your product was a third party?